The Year Round Tutorial Program is designed to supplement The Summer Algebra Institute by making academic support available through tutorial service twice per month on a year round basic. The year round program also provides tutorial support for students in reading comprehension too.  

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Academic Camp

The Academic Camp is comprised of two components: The Summer Algebra Institute and a year round tutorial focusing on Math and Reading Comprehension.

The Summer Algebra and Literacy Institute seeks to empower students by increasing math and reading competence, cultivate positive self-esteem, while equipping the participant with an educational foundation which will allow them to pursue college degrees in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM). The content covered in the Summer Algebra/Literacy Institute is presented using a creative and interactive approach. This interaction builds fundamental math fluency through scaffolding essential mathematical principles, thus making connections along mathematical strands. Participants engage in a variety of hands on activities, direct instruction, mathematical standards, writing and exploring multiple methods for determining solutions. The literacy program utilizes current educational material to prepare the students to process presented material in order to comprehend other components of language.The program also includes guest speakers, college tours and outdoor field trips to stimulate independent creativity. The program is designed for students in the grade range of 5th through 9th.